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Try Out information

Try Outs  Saturday March 7th  9:00am - 2:00pm  at Pendleton Little League fields

March 7th Try Outs
Majors-9:00-10:30 ages 10yr to 12yr
AAA -10:30 -12:00 ages 8yrs to 11yr
AA—12:30-1:30 ages 7yrs to 9yrs

Majors-9:00-10:30 ages 10yrs to 12 yrs
AAA -10:30-12:00 ages 9yrs to 11yrs
AA—12:30-1:30 ages 8yrs to 10 yrs

Juniors TBA

If you are not able to make try outs, your player will be evaluated on the prior year coaches recommendation.