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All Little League games scheduled for today are cancelled due to weather.  Please spread the word.

Pendleton Little League Board

Field 1 (Baseball- there are two switches to flip, one on each side of home plate)

Field 2 (Baseball)

Softball Field Lights

2022- Thank You, Wildhorse Foundation.

To all the friends, families, and supporters of Pendleton Little League,

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and thanks to the Wildhorse Foundation we know it to be true.

As many are aware, the Pendleton Little League Park has four fields, each with its own outdoor lighting to allow games to be played at night. These light fixtures and bulbs are at least a decade old, if not much older. Unfortunately, over time the lighting system has deteriorated as bulbs have dimmed or burned out and fixtures have broken. This last fall, one of our infamous local windstorms knocked down the right field lights to one of our baseball fields. Unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where maintaining the old light system no longer makes sense and new light fixtures are needed. Without the new fixtures, we would be in a position of having to determine whether we could continue to play night games on some, if not all of our fields.

However, the Wildhorse Foundation has awarded to Pendleton Little League a $20,000 grant to make these new light fixtures a reality. The grant will pay for almost all the cost and allow installation of newer, brighter, and more cost efficient light fixtures for all fields. These new light fixtures are starting to be installed by Gordon's Electric (Pendleton, Oregon) and will be installed and ready by our 2022 Opening Day on April 2.

A sincere thank you to Wildhorse Foundation for its support of not only Pendleton Little League, but also for all of its efforts to support our community and families.


The 2022 Pendleton Little League Board:

Monte Ludington, President
Eric Smidt, Vice President
Billi Jones, Treasurer
Heather Smidt, Secretary
Niki Kuza, Information Officer
Tierny Lehnies, Safety Officer
Jeremy Bird, Field Maintenance Supervisor
Natasha Browning, Sponsorship/Ad
Laura Skirvin, Sponsorship/Ad
Zack Dong, Umpire/Coach Coordinator
Ashley Armstrong, Softball Player's Agent
Chance Norquist, Baseball Player's Agent

Registration- January 1, 2022

T-mobile grant for registration

Pitch Hit & Run

Home Run Club

Our first home run of the season was Hit!!!

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Pendleton Babe Ruth Baseball

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The next level of baseball for League Age 13 and Above

Oregon District 3 Tournament ("All Stars") Information


Pendleton Little League  
P.O. Box 127  
Pendleton, OR 97801